When it's time for you to get out…


Cover Boy!

Pointing at nothingness in Sycamore Canyon, AZ.

My name is Dave Wilson and I’m  a high school physics teacher in El Paso, TX.  I love mountain biking.   I consider myself a renaissance man who prefers to be as self-sufficient as possible.   I garden, compost, change my car’s oil, do my own bike repairs, build wheels, dive headfirst into difficult home repairs (I recently replaced my second toilet…new flange and wax seal too!), reload my own ammo, co-direct the El Paso Puzzler, build trail, and love to cook.  These things all take valuable time and dedication.  I’m also a father and husband, so my time is limited.

I grew up sewing on my mom’s Singer and even learned to use a treadle machine under my grandmother’s watchful eye.  I’ve always had a machine in my home to do my own repairs.  In 2011 I decided to get into bikepacking.  Since I have several bikes, I figured I’d purchase a good industrial machine in order to create the custom products I need.  I found myself doing some things much differently than others who have been making bags much longer than I have.  I believe that the products you get from me will offer some features that will set them above my competitors.  Just looking at my products you will notice a few things that are different when compared to what more established companies are producing.


My outlook on life is probably a bit different than the average person.  I’m am not a preparedness freak like some wacky Mormons in Utah with 100 days worth of beans and peanut butter stashed in their basement.  I don’t have 15,000 rounds of ammo and I don’t sleep with a gun under my pillow.  I do believe that American society is at a major cross road and needs to do some serious reflection in regards to the path we take as a populace.  We are either going to continue down this crappy path of allowing politicians to tell us that in order to be successful we must have growth and buy lots of shit to support that growth, or we are going to nut up and start doing what we need to do to be more sustainable and self sufficient.

Cycling is a semi-minimalist sport that can be a great escape taking you places that your mind may never be able to escape.  I hope to provide people with an excellent and reliable product at a competitive price so users can get away and enjoy the backcountry.


If you have any problem with a product I have made for you that is unrelated to crashing and normal wear and tear, let me know and we’ll work out a way to get it fixed.  Custom items are never perfect.  I have two sewing machines.  One to do the dirty work, the other to do lighter jobs and reinforcements.  I don’t have dedicated machines to do things like binding and bar tacking.  Every item is done by hand.  The fit of a frame bag is based solely on the template you provide me.  If something is not right, contact me.  We’ll work something out.  I want my customers to be happy with their purchase and I want you to have successful adventures where you don’t have to worry about the gear I’ve made for you.


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